Welcome ~ Marhaba ~ Ahlan wa Sahlan!

To help children and other language learners – and teachers – of Egyptian Arabic, Habiba wrote and illustrated these little books. The books are written in Egyptian Arabic, more specifically Cairene Arabic, not Modern Standard Arabic. Please note that there are no standards for writing in dialects of Arabic.

The books are released under a Creative Commons license, making them FREE to read, download, print, and share.

Use the menu above to select a story. To read or download the files, all you need is a PDF reader like Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader. There are several different versions of each book:

eBooks: These are meant to be read on a screen. Don’t try to print the eBooks; you won’t be able to.

Double-Sided Horizontal Printable Books: These are for printing, in color, so that you can then fold and staple the books (no cutting necessary) and hold them in your hand. For detailed printing instructions, go here.

Double-Sided Horizontal Printable “Color Me” Books: These are for printing, in black and white. They are illustrated with simple outline drawings so children can color the pictures in their own printed books. For detailed printing instructions, go here.

All books are available in Egyptian Arabic only versions, as well as bilingual (Egyptian Arabic – English) versions. Habiba also has plans to write the stories in Bedouin Arabic and would love to see her books translated into other languages. If you’d like to volunteer your time and expertise to help Habiba translate these stories into another language, please email her at booksbyhabiba AT gmail DOT com. She would really love to see them in Russian, German, and Italian. She also welcomes comments and suggestions for book topics.

Happy reading!

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I stumbled across your website while looking for arabic-english books. I am teaching myself arabic and it’s not exactly an easy task. I want to learn both Egyptian and Levantine dialects as I have a lot of friends that speak either or, plus the music I listen to.. but then came the issue of my love for books. Which leaves you with MSA. So I’ve been juggling both Egyptian and MSA lately..

Anyways, I wanted to tell you that I think it’s an AWESOME thing that you are doing. I love writing as well, mostly music and poetry, and eventually want to be able to write in other languages. Needless to say, that your work is helping with that dream 🙂


from a self-learner

I just discovered your cute Habiba stories and wanted to thank you for taking the time to write and illustrate them and offer them on-line. I have begun learning colloquial Egyptian Arabic in preparation for a trip to Egypt later this year and am having a hard time finding interesting beginner level resources. I had hoped to begin by listening to and reading children’s storybooks and quickly discovered that everything is written in MSA. I have tried watching some of the Disney films as I’ve been told the Arabic versions are dubbed in the Egyptian dialect but am overwhelmed by the quantity of vocabulary.

Have you thought about making audio recordings available for Habiba’s stories? They would help me immensely.

Please continue writing your stories.


from a traveler

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